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ALSA English Camp 2023

ALSA English Camp 2023 was carried out on May 20th - 21st, 2023

ALSA English Camp 2023 is an annual work program from the English Development Division that aims to improve the English language skills of ALSA LC Unsri members and public. This work program consists of four activities: English Class, Leaderless Group Discussion (LGD), Camping, and Games.

This year ALSA English Camp 2023 focuses on learning and improving analytical exposition and speaking skills in English. In line with the activity tagline, Live The Adventure, Create The Future. ALSA English Camp 2023 is expected to optimize analytical skills and argument writing, train confidence in speaking English, build teamwork, and emotional bonding for all participants. The benefits of participating in the ALSA English Camp 2023 are that participants are expected to have self-confidence in speaking English, such as expressing their opinion, presenting their arguments, and also expected to be able to train participants analytical skills on a case and write an argument. Those benefits will also be applied in Leaderless Group Discussion (LGD) sessions with exciting topics to discuss together.

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