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ALSA Member Upgrading #1

On September 6th, 2020, ALSA Member Upgrading Volume 1 was carried out. This event is a daily work program derived from the Director of ALSA LC Unsri which is mandated toeach Vice Directors. ALSA Member Upgrading Volume 1 (AMU Vol.1) was mandated to the Vice Director of Academic Activities.

Before determining the theme to be carried out in AMU Vol.1, the Local Board distributed a Google form containing 3 (three) themes, which were the basics of legal debate, English public speaking, and the basics of criminal law.

There were 26 members who filled out the form with a vote of 50% chose the basics of legal debate, 11.5% chose English public speaking and 38.5% chose the basics of criminal law. So, the chosen theme was the basics of legal debate with 50% of the vote. AMU Vol.1 was held on Sunday, September 6, 2020, at 10.00 WIB via Zoom Meeting.

With the theme "The Increasing of Critical Thinking and Public Speaking

through Legal Debate" with the speaker Nur Fathimah Azzahra Syafril, SH.

This event began with remarks from the Vice Director of Academic Activities ALSA LC Unsri and continued with remarks and the opening of the event by Director of ALSA LC Unsri. Then the agenda was continued with the reading of the agenda by the MC and a seminar session until 11.30. Then, the activity was continued with a workshop session where participants were welcome to argue with the motion set by the committee, which is "government policy in determining PSBB" After the participants have finished practicing the debate, the speaker will provide input for the participants. The activity was closed at 12.00 with 20 members of the members who participated in the activity and filled out the post-evaluation test.



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