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DnA Hearing

This Demisioner and Alumnus Hearing (DnA Hearing) is an event from the Demisioner and Alumnus Division which has an agenda of introducing the ALSA LC Unsri Locar Board 2021-2022, discussing topics on the representative Alumni Society of ALSA LC Unsri, discussing plans for the creation of an ALSA LC Unsri Secretariat, plans for use endowment and management advice for ALSA LC Unsri. With the hope of the emergence of new ideas for the progress of the Local Chapter.

This event was held on August 15th, 2021, and this event aims as a forum to accommodate input suggestions from alumni and also demisioners, as a forum for the introduction of the local board and the delivery of concerns from the Local Chapter for the sustainability of the Local Chapter in the future to alumni and demisioners, and as a means of establishing friendship between members and alumni and demisioners.



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