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ALSA Berbinar #1

ALSA Berbinar (Bright and Actual Academic Webinar) is a seminar session that is held twice in management and this activity is aimed at fullfilling one of the pillars of ALSA, namely Academically Committed. The purpose of the ALSA Berbinar is to educate the public in general and also members of also members of ALSA LC Unsri regarding a legal issue that is being discussed within the period. The speakers in ALSA Berbinar are individuals who are known to be experts and are very understanding of these legal issues. This event aims to become a means for the community and law students to have open discussions to increases responsibility for the latest legal issues, to become a means of education both for the community and students on legal issues with the hope of creating a society that has a better understanding of the law, and to become a means for law students to improve their understanding and ability in the field of law.

This event was held on September 25th, 2021. What is covered in ALSA Berbinar #1? ALSA Berbinar #1 brought with theme "Observing the Landing Direction of Social Assistance Corruption Cases: Optimizing Law Enforcement and Supervision for the Realization of a Corruption-Free Indonesia". This problem is an urgent matter that must be resolved immediately, considering that during this pandemic, many corruption issues perpetrated by officeholders occurred not only at the national level, even at the provincial, city, and district levels. The thing that got corrupted is the social assistance fund which should be the right of the community that is on going in this pandemic era.



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