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The forerunner of ALSA LC Unsri began when there’s a realization of ideas on the importance of recognizing and understanding the differences in legal systems between ASEAN countries. Then, in 1999, the Faculty of Law, Universitas Sriwijaya (Unsri) was invited to attend the ASEAN-level ALSA Regional Conference which was held at the University of Indonesia (UI) Jakarta, Indonesia. The Unsri party sent Dr. Mada Apriandi Zuhir S.H., M.CL, and Meria Utama, S.H., LLM to attend the conference, as well as the initiators of the establishment of ALSA LC Unsri. On March 21st, 2001, in the VIII ALSA National Deliberation at Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) Bandung, Universitas Sriwijaya was officially appointed as an Indonesian local committee. Over time, ALSA is in great demand by law students and has a large number of high-quality members and alumni.


The realization of ALSA LC Unsri to become a progressive, educative, professional organization with a global perspective and beneficial to society.


  • Increasing the participation of members and/or the community in the work program of the ALSA LC Unsri.

  • Increasing the members quality both in legal science, skills, and competitiveness.

  • Creating a creative and innovative work program.

  • Creating a professional and integrity organizational environment.

  • Expanding and optimizing a strategic teamwork between ALSA LC Unsri and external partners.






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Assalamu'alaikum wr wb
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Namo Buddhaya
Salam Kebajikan,

Praise and gratitude to God Almighty for His blessings and guidance to all of us. And to all Alumni, Delegates, Staff, and the Local Board of ALSA LC Unsri for the period 2021/2022 who have improved and maintained the honor of ALSA LC Unsri to date.

Asian Law Student's Association Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya is an Asian law student organization located at the Faculty of Law, Universitas Sriwijaya. There are four pillars that serve as a guide in running this organization, namely Internationally Minded, Socially Responsible, Academically Committed, and Legally Skilled. ALSA is also an organization that has the principles of Non-Profit & Non-Political Organization (NPO) spread across 17 National Chapters in Asia and 14 Local Chapters in Indonesia. ALSA LC Unsri was initiated by Mr. Dr. Mada Apriandi Zuhir, S.H., M.CL., and Mrs. Dr. Meria Utama, S.H., LL.M in 1999 at the ASEAN-level ALSA Regional Conference held at the Universitas Indonesia as a marker for the establishment of the ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya.

During the 20 years that ALSA LC Unsri has been established, we have continued to make improvements in increasing our bargaining position and branding exposure in the community at local, national, and international levels. ALSA LC Unsri has a big vision, namely the realization of ALSA LC Unsri to be a progressive, educative, professional, global-minded organization and benefit the community. This makes ALSA LC Unsri always strive to expand and optimize strategic cooperation between ALSA LC Unsri and external parties. Not only that, but ALSA LC Unsri also focuses on improving the legal capabilities of members as well as being a forum for members to develop abilities both in terms of soft skills and hard skills.

In full, we present all information and publications of this organization on an official website as a means of education and branding of ALSA LC Unsri in the community. Hopefully, this website is useful in increasing the knowledge of members of the organization and legal scholarship.

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ALSA, Always Be One!

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Muhammad Bayu Nugroho


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