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ALSA Board Coaching

ALSA BOARD COACHING is a daily program by external affairs, which contains knowledge about the national board and the international board. This event aims to educate all of the members of ALSA LC UNSRI about the existence of these two boards. The purpose of this program is to increase, add, and strengthen ALSA Knowledge related to ALSA National and ALSA International, foster leadership in members, generate members' interest in ALSA National and International, and become a trigger for the regeneration of the high quality and competitive ALSA LC Unsri.

The ALSA BOARD COACHING introduced members to what an International board is and what the director of ALSA International is. The invited speakers included Griselda Audrey Chandra (President of ALSA International 2020/2021), Regina Francienne (VP TED ALSA International 2020/2021), and Owen Maskintama (Former Director of ICT 1 2019/2020)



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