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ALSA Bright and Actual Academic Webinar #1

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

ALSA BERBINAR # 1 is one of the work programs of the Academic and Legal Development Division ALSA LC Unsri. ALSA BERBINAR is a webinar that invites several experts to become speakers. The holding of ALSA BERBINAR #1 was to develop public discourse related to current legal and policy issues, encourage law students to identify and understand legal issues, and improve the knowledge and abilities of law students.

ALSA BERBINAR # 1 has the theme "Implikasi Perkataan Kasar Terhadap Anak Melalui Hukum Pidana Indonesia". ALSA BERBINAR # 1 was carried out through the ALSA LC Unsri Youtube Live Streaming and was open to the public. The speakers for ALSA BERBINAR # 1 were Prof. Dr. I Dewa Putu Wijana, S.U., M.A. (Professor of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Gajah Mada); Andi Lian, S.H., M.H. (Head of the Advocacy and Legal Reform Division of the Central Indonesian Child Protection Agency); Genoveva Alicia, S.H. (Researcher at the Institute for Criminal Justice Reform).

This event started with the opening by the Master of Ceremony, namely Nadhira Shanda Ammarisa Sunjaya as a Staff of Academic and Legal Development Division ALSA LC Unsri. The next activity was a seminar session hosted by Bunga Yuliana as Manager of Academic and Legal Development Division ALSA LC Unsri for the 2019/2020 period. The first speaker was Prof. Dr. I Dewa Putu Wijana, S.U., M.A. who explained the classification of the forms and examples of the harsh words based on linguistic rules. Then, Andi Lian, S.H., M.H. who explained the effect of harsh words on children and the usual phenomenon of the use of harsh words by children of the next generation from the LPAI's point of view. Then, the material presented by Genoveva Alicia, S.H. explained the offense of defamation in law and examples of harsh words on social media that can be classified as an offense of insult. After the presentation of the material, the participants gave their questions in the Youtube comment column ALSA LC Unsri. The questions given by the participants were read by the moderator and presented to the speakers. After the questioning session, the Vice President of Academic Activities & Training, Nikolaus Baptista Ruma, gave his opinion regarding the implications of harsh words for children. After that, the session continued with the giving of e-certificates to the speakers and moderators. ALSA BERBINAR # 1 closed after giving the e-certificate.



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