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ALSA Care & Legal Coaching Clinic 2022

ALSA Care & Legal Coaching Clinic 2022 was carried out on December 10th-11th, 2022.

ALSA Care & Legal Coaching Clinic is a derivative work program based on the ALSA pillars, namely "Legally Skilled" and "Socially Responsible." This work program provides humanitarian values ​​and legal socialization to society as a form of strengthening the social impact of ALSA. ALSA CLCC 2022 presented the theme "Achieving Zero Hunger and Food Security" this year. Zero hunger is one of the goals of the sustainable development goals (SDGS) at the 2 points. Therefore, the ALSA Local Chapter of Universitas Sriwijaya has embraced the theme "Maintaining Food Endurance and Security for a Brighter Future."



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