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ALSA Legal Opinion Competition (ALOC)

ALSA Legal Opinion Competition was carried out on February 12th, 2022 and April 9th, 2022. At this ALOC activity, the first National Seminar was held which is a series of main activities from the ALSA Legal Opinion Competition organized by ALSA LC Unsri. this activity is the opening of the core activity, namely the Legal Opinion Competition and the filler of this activity is speakers from the top tier Law Firms in Indonesia. The purpose of holding the National Seminar is to increase the general public's understanding of investment law while this activity is also intended to prepare those who will take part in the legal opinion competition later.

In carrying out this activity, we provide facilities for law students throughout Indonesia to hone their skills in writing legal opinions, while before entering the competition time, participants will attend a series of seminars attended by various experts who have expertise in mining licensing.

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