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ALSA Legal Writing Course #1

ALSA Legal Writing Course #1 was carried out on January 22nd, 2022. ALSA Legal Writing Courses is a work program under the Manager of Academic and Legal Development. This activity is intended to improve the writing skills of ALSA LC Unsri members and of course law students or legal practitioners, this activity raises one form of legal writing which is the object that will be discussed in depth in this activity. Increase understanding of law students regarding correct and appropriate legal writing, while this activity will promote one type of legal writing. This activity also brings speakers who have the ability in the field of legal writing.

In the ALSA Legal Writing Course activity, where you learn more about the structure and method of writing about Legal Opinions, Fadhillah Rizy, S, H., LL.M is presented with an associate at SSEK Legal Consultants who explains various tips and tricks in formulating legal opinions. very useful in supporting the ability of ALSA LC Unsri members as candidates for legal instruments later.



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