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ALSA Local Chapters Sharing

On 27 November 2020, Local Chapter Sharing activities were carried out through zoom meetings with Alsa LC Unhas, ALSA LC Unud and ALSA LC Undip.

This event was attended by approximately 50 participants from all members of ALSA LC Unsri, ALSA LC Unhas, ALSA LC Unud and ALSA LC Undip.

this event is held at 12.30pm and ends at 04.00pm

This event aims for local chapters that are under ALSA Indonesia to continue to work together during this pandemic, by sharing stories, obstacles and solutions related to the problem of implementing work programs in their respective local chapters in this pandemic situation.

every internal division, external division and academic division in each local chapter that was present at this event to told each other about the work program in this situation This event is expected to increase the synergy between local chapters



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