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ALSA Member Upgrading vol.2

The ALSA Member Upgrading activity is a derivative work program from the Director of ALSA Local Chapter Sriwijaya University which aims to improve the skills of ALSA Local Chapter members of Sriwijaya University based on the aspirations of the members. ALSA Member Upgrading presents the theme chosen by the member through the voting mechanism from the Google Form that has been previously distributed. The ALSA Member Upgrading Volume 2 program is delegated to the Vice Director of Information, Communication and Technology, the options for ALSA Member Upgrading Volume 2 are "How to upgrade your LinkedIn Profile" and "How to live stream a webinar on YouTube through Zoom" and the selected theme is the theme “How to upgrade your LinkedIn Profile” with 81.7% of Members voting and 18.3% of other Members choosing the theme “How to live streaming a webinar on YouTube through Zoom”. ALSA Member Upgrading Volume 2 was held online through the Zoom Meeting and the speaker at ALSA Member Upgrading volume 2 was Masagus Eka Arifin, S.H. as HR Practitioner at Worldwide Internet Company and Masagus Eka Arifin, S.H. also an Alumni of the ALSA Local Chapter of Sriwijaya University and the Former Vice President of Internal Affairs I ALSA Indonesia 2011-2012.



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