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ALSA Parents Socialization 2023

ALSA Parents Socialization 2023 was carried out on October 28th, 2023.

In order to build good relationships and in order to gain more trust from members parents, the Sriwijaya University ALSA Local Chapter holds activities every year for the parents of new members, namely Parents Socialization (PS). So that parents of members can find out what activities there. are ot ALSA and what this organization is like starting from its history and development. With the theme "Build Mutual Trust, Respect, Care Among Parents and Members" this activity is a work orogram from the Internal Relationship Division, it is hoped that after participating in this activity, parents of members of the Sriwijaya University ALSA Local Chapter can give permission and trust their children to take part in each activity ALSA because there are many benefits that you will get now and in the future.



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