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ALSA Social Project Vol #1

The ALSA Social Project in Volume #1 will focus on environmental and sanitation issues what happened in the village of Arisan Gading, after a survey was conducted, it showed that the problems in the village are people who do not have a garbage disposal site so people throw garbage indiscriminately. So the activity this time is provide 3 sort trash bins (organic, non-organic, B3), then carry out socialization regarding 3 types of trash bins and socializing about clean water so that villagers Arisan Gading sensitivity and concern for a clean life is increasing. Arisan Gading Village was chosen as the destination village because this village has several concerns that are in line With the theme brought by the ALSA Social Project, Arisan Gading village is taken from Palembang takes 1 hour 15 minutes, Arisan Gading village uses house buildings traditional wood and stairs and still almost contains the original Arisan ivory. Arisan Gading Village is also referred to as a guava producing village, it is proven that the village is said to be being the center for the production of guava in various cities, the village also has residents who are very high social life, it can be seen that big meals are still being held together once a year together at the village hall then the residents are very friendly with good newcomers from both adults and children.



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