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ALSA Speaking Class #1

On Sunday, December 20th, 2020 at 13.00 WIB, the ALSA Speaking Class # 1 activity took place with the theme "Create Your Own Podcast". This activity is daily from the Human Resources Development division which aims to develop the public speaking skills of members of ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya while at the same time answering the challenges of industrial revolution 4.0 with technological developments and as many new podcasts emerge.

This event began with the opening by MC, which was guided by Amai Bidari and continued with the Opening Speech. The first opening speech was delivered by the Person in Charge ALSA Speaking Class # 1, Jasmine Sophia Agrippina, and also the opening speech from the Director of ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya, Fadhlan Tufiqurrahman. After that, the event continued with the delivery of material from the ALSA Speaking Class # 1 speaker, namely Adam Hersydano, S.H. who is the founder of "Yang Katanya Podcast" and is also the former manager of Public relations ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya 2016/2017. After the presentation of the material, the event continued with a question and answer session guided by the MC, and continued with a Workshop Session which was also led by Adam Hersydano, S.H. In this workshop session, participants were asked to practice themselves as a podcaster and were given two themes, insecure and sensitivity. At this workshop session, several representatives of 5-6 participants were asked to practice. After the workshop session was finished, it was continued with giving certificates to the speakers and the person in charge of ALSA Speaking Class # 1 with photo session and closing of the MC.



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