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ALSA Talks

ALSA Talks is a daily work program by the Human Resources Development Division of ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya, this event started with an opening by the Master of Ceremony, Saskia Artha, and was continued with an opening speech from the Person in Charge ALSA Talks, Khansa Istiqomah, then opening speech from Director Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya, then continued with a talk show session with two speakers who are alumni from Sriwijaya University, namely Freza Yuriza Litanto, SH, LL.M who is also an alumnus of the ALSA Local Chapter of Sriwijaya University and is also an alumnus of the LPDP RI who is taking Masters studies at the University of Erasmus and Lusiana Dian, SH, LL.M, who is currently a lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Sriwijaya University and is an Awardee for The Asian Foundation and USAID, University of Washington.

The talkshow hosted by the Manager of Human Resources Development Division,

Chyntia Franslia, the two speakers shared experiences and tips and tricks while studying abroad. In addition, the speakers also shared tips and tricks in making motivation letters, letters of recommendation, participating in Leaderless Group Discussions, making interesting Curriculum Viates, making study plans, and making letters of acceptance which are very supportive if you want to continue your studies abroad. After the talkshow session from the two speakers, it was continued with a question and answer session, photo session, and the closing by Master of Ceremony.



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