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Inauguration and Rapat Umum I

Inauguration and Rapat Umum I ALSA LC Unsri were held at the beginning of the management period of the ALSA LC Unsri Local Board. the first agenda of this event was the opening ceremony, then it continued with local board video playback, inauguration, and pin pinning by the director of ALSA LC Unsri 2020/2021, and the plenary session I when The Local Board submits a progress report for one month then questions and answers session.

The next day, the plenary session was continued with the tenderization of the work programs of ALSA LC Unsri. Here are the names of the elected Project Officers at Rapat Umum I:

  1. Parents Socialization: M. Abel Pratama

  2. Pengenalan dan Penerimaan Partisipan Anggota Baru (P3AB): M. Bayu Nugroho

  3. Organizing, Leadership, and Management of ALSA (OLMA): M. Rezza Fathurrahman

  4. ALSA Anniversary: Zahwa Ananda

  5. ALSA Mooting Class: Amsal Sihite

  6. The 11th English Competition: Niken Nareswari

  7. ALSA Legal Visit: Azzahra Tri Maharani

  8. ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic (CLCC): Humairah Qaolan Syakila

  9. ALSA Legal Goes to School (LEGOS): Sherina Rusli

  10. ALSA Journey Magazine Vol. VIII: Jhordy Junior Fernando

  11. ALSA Us Newsletter: Arikah Viza Kamiliya

  12. ICT Laboratory: Kiyagus M. Ezzad



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