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Organizing, Leadership, and Management of ALSA (OLMA)

On October 24th & 30th-31th, 2021, OLMA 2021 was carried out. The Organizing, Leadership, and Management of ALSA (OLMA) ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya is an annual work program in order to accept new members from ALSA LC Unsri. The implementation of OLMA 2021 also aims to form commitment and leadership spirit of prospective new members of ALSA LC Unsri compiled with a material agenda and teamwork and carried out for two days. However, in the case of the current state of COVID-19, the OLMA agenda must be carried out online. The committee in this case plans activities that are tailored to the essence of OLMA itself, namely organizational training, training and improvement of leadership spirit and how to build a management system from the individual member. The implementation of OLMA 2021 itself will take three hours day with eight materials given by seven different speakers. Materials are delivered online using the Zoom Meeting application.

The activity goal from OLMA is:

  1. The success of the work program of the Human Resources Development (HRD) ALSA Local Chapter of Sriwijaya University;

  2. Recruit and explore potential new members of ALSA Local Chapter University Srivijaya; and

  3. Train the spirit of leadership, organizational skills and introduce more Sriwijaya University ALSA Local Chapter academic program.



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