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PR Coaching Class #1

PR Coaching Class act as a forum for sharing discussions regarding to what will be the main duties and functions of the Public Relations Coordinator and what is related to Public Relations. This work program will be carried out twice during the management. Held via virtual Zoom Meeting, this activity take form of a sharing session with the former Manager of Public Relations, a corporation public relations, or someone who is an expert in the field of Public Relations. It is expected that is holding this activity will not only develop legal skills as a law students, you can also develop members Public Relations skills ALSA LC Unsri.

This event was held on September 28th, 2021. This event aims to educate members of the Public Relations Division and members of ALSA LC Unsri in terms of Public Relations, to introducing what are the duties and functions that will be carried out by Public Relation Division, and to improve member skills, especially ALSA LC Unsri in Public Relation members. What was discussed in the event was "Leading the PR World", an explanation of Public Relations includes:

  1. Media Partners, Partnerships, and others;

  2. How to behave well as a PR;

  3. Relation skills and arts;

  4. Strategies needed by a PR in dealing with ever-changing trends.



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