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Official Merchandise

ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya

Tshirt E-Comp 2022.png

ALSA T-Shirt E-Comp


Notebook E-Comp 2022.png

ALSA Notebook E-Comp


Tshirt CLCC 2022.png

ALSA T-Shirt CLCC 2022

Sticker CLCC 2022.png

ALSA Sticker CLCC 2022

Uniform ALSA.png

ALSA Member Uniform

Sticker E-Comp 2022.png

ALSA Sticker E-Comp 2022

Ballpoint E-Comp 2022.png

ALSA Ballpoint Pen

E-Comp 2022

Portable Fan CLCC 2022.png

ALSA Portable Fan

CLCC 2022

Pin CLCC 2022.png

ALSA Pin CLCC 2022

Patch LC web.png

ALSA Patch Local Chapter

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IG Factory.png


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