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ALSA BERBINAR #2 was carried out on May 11th, 2023

ALSA BERBINAR #2 is one of the work programs by the Manager of the Academic and Legal Development Division and is a work program that aims to implement one of ALSA's pillars, namely Academically Committed. The dynamic development of society and the variety of legal issues present at this time encourage ALSA LC Unsri to hold an activity in the form of a discussion by discussing a current issue to increase people's understanding of the law. This activity lasted one day through Zoom Meeting, Live Streaming YouTube ALSA LC Unsri, Live Streaming YouTube FH UNSRI TV, and Prof. Room. Amzulian Rifa'i Hall FH Tower. In this second volume, ALSA BERBINAR is collaborating with the Criminal Law Section of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Sriwijaya to organize an Outreach to the Criminal Code aimed at Law Faculty Students in South Sumatra and the general public throughout Indonesia.



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