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ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic 2023

ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic 2023 was carried out on December 9th - 10th, 2023.

ALSA Care and Legal Coaching Clinic or ALSA CLCC is a work program organized by ALSA National Chapter in each Local Chapter. ALSA CLCC is present as a form of implementing the pillars of ALSA, namely socially responsible and legally skilled. ALSA CLCC activities consist of several activities such as socialization, social action campaigns, counseling, and legal assistance to the community in which there are humanitarian values as a strengthening of the social impact of ALSA. This year's main theme of ALSA CLCC is "Trash-Free Tomorrow: A Path to a Sustainable Waste Management." And this year's CLCC ALSA LC Unsri raised the theme "Increasing Awareness of Waste Towards a Bright Future."



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