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External event preparation class is a daily program belonging to External Affairs which contains materials to prepare ALSA members in preparation before registering as delegates for national and international events. The purpose of this program is to make ALSA members more ready to register as delegates for national and international events so that they have high quality and competitiveness.

ALSA EPIC # 2 was held right before the closing of ALSA Conference Mandalay registration, so we use English as the instruction language. The agenda at this event is to educate members regarding how to make a legal essay, a good CV, and a motivation letter with a clear substance. The external class essay was assisted by the Manager of Academic and Legal Development, namely Fadiyah Nadira, while the CV class and motivation letter class were directly guided by the Vice Director of External Affairs, Meydiza Nurul Alikha. Speakers at this Sharing Session were three people, namely two former alumni of the ALSA Conference Sri Langka delegation and one Alumni former delegation of the ALSA Conference Korea 2020 who shared their experiences within and internationally of ALSA. The first and second speakers were Kevin Dean Dra, S.H and Irfan Prawira, S.H regarding ALSA Conference Sri Lanka and the third speaker was Junio ​​Ananda Mahendra, S.H regarding ALSA Conference Korea. Broadly speaking, this sharing contains experiences when participating in international events and tips and tricks in preparation and when participating in these international events. The agenda was then continued with a question and answer session and closed with a photo session.



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