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ALSA Finance Talkshow #1

ALSA Finance Talkshow #1 with "Survival, Opportunities & Management During Crisis" as the theme. The ALSA Finance Talkshow #1 activity is carried out through the ALSA LC Unsri Youtube Live Streaming and is open for public. This event invites several speakers engaged in finance and entrepreneurship. The holding of the ALSA Finance # 1 Talkshow is expected to be a forum for Law Students and the General Public to understand more deeply about finance and encourage law students and the general public to identify and understand finance and entrepreneurship and increase the knowledge and abilities of law students.

This event was held on January 31th, 2021 with the speaker from enterpeneur, such as Elsya Dian Thamrin as the President Director of Thamrin Group, Liza Sako as the Enterpeneur & Owner of Covent Garden Palembang, and Dino Rafiditya Pradana, S.H., M.Kn. as the Vice President of Financial Affairs ALSA Indonesia 2017/2018.



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