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ALSA In PK2 was carried out on August 10th, 2022.

PKKMB (Pengenalan Kehidupan Kampus Mahasiswa Baru) FH UNSRI in 2022-2023 was finally held offline. One of the series of PKKMB FH UNSRI activities is the introduction of each organisation in the Faculty of Law. ALSA In PKKMB is one of the work programs of the Human Resource Development division, which aims to introduce the ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya to all new students of the Faculty of Law, Universitas Sriwijaya. In carrying out this work program, all the Local Board and members of the ALSA Local Chapter of Sriwijaya University were also present. At the introductory session of the ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya, we showed an introductory video for the Local Board, a summary video for last year's work program, and a teaser video for NMCC. During ALSA In PKKMB activities, we also set up a booth and distributed brochures to all new students who attended.



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