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ALSA One Day with Moot Court #2

ALSA One Day with Moot Court #2 was carried out on July 9th, 2023

ALSA One Day with Moot Court #2 is one of the work programs presented by Manager of Moot Court Development Division and is a work program with a purpose to implement the two ALSA pillars, namely Academically Committed and Legally Skilled. The dynamic development of society as well as the diversity of legal understandings present in at this time which then prompted Sriwijaya University's ALSA Local Chapter to holding an activity in the form of a webinar by discussing the Role of the Commercial Court in Internal Affairs Resolving Bankruptcy Cases. The purpose of holding ALSA One Day with Moot Court #2 is to educate Moot Court Development Division members, participants, and members of the ALSA Local Chapter of Sriwijaya University in terms of settlement of cases bankruptcy at the Commercial Court as well as increasing and encouraging ALSA Local members to have the will to compete in the national arena, especially in commercial moot court competition. This activity was held for 1 day through the platform Zoom Meeting ALSA Local Chapter of Universitas Sriwijaya.



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