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On October 3rd, 2020, the Fundraising division held a daily activity called JAKSA (Jajanan Khas ALSA). JAKSA is an activity that provides snacks, beverages, and heavy meals to sold and at the same time aims to introduce to other communities related to activities held by the Fundraising Division ALSA LC UNSRI.

JAKSA was held at Kambang Iwak Park at 3.30 pm, and preparations started at 3 pm at Kambang Iwak Park.

The food and beveragessold at JAKSA this time include:

- Cocopandan Jelly

- Orange Yakult Jelly

- Jelly Salad

- Vegetable Chicken Risol

- Vermicelli Spring Rolls

- Sugar Donuts

- Peanut sauce peanut sauce

- Grits

This activity lasted for two and a half hours, when everything sold out, the activity ended at 6 pm.



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