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Journey Magazine vol.VIII

a non-activity magazine program “Journey Magazine Volume VIII” is a work program that in the 2020/2021 management year is run by the Creative Design division brought by Jhordy Junior Fernando as Project Officers. Journey Magazine aims to provide readers with reading material related to the latest issues in a magazine form. In volume VIII, the Journey Magazine publication team raises a theme about graphic design with the title "the other side of Design". In addition, Journey Magazine contains information about ALSA, which hopes to become a medium of information for readers.

Journey Magazine can be read at the following link:

Here is the Journey Vol. VIII editorial team:

Project Manager: Muhammad Daffa Meizar

Project Officer: Jhordy Junior Fernando

Secretary: Sari Rahmatullah

Treasurer: Farahdina Yunita

Coordinator of Design: Monica Intan Irviana


1. AriqahVizaKamiliya

2. M. Yasin Al - Ghifari

3. Kgs. M Ezzad

4. Farisa Afifah Fathania

* Coordinator of Translator: Niken Nareswari


1. Cindy Amelia

2. Alstonia Vahistha

3. Anindyatasya Sabila

4. Dzakiyyah Rahmah Arindya

* Coordinator of Writer: KhrisnaTedjakusuma


1. Dea Anggraini Mardevi

2. Nadhira Shanda Ammarisa Sunjaya

3. Zahwa Ananda Ardina

4. A Muflih El Zuhdi

5. Hadizah Safana



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