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Rapat Umum II & Pra-Musyawarah Lokal

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Rapat Umum II & Pra-Musyawarah Lokal was carried out on January 28th-29th, 2023.

The work program of the Rapat Umum II dan Pra – Musyawarah Lokal are activities carried out during the half term of the Local Board management. This year, the activities are carried out in Hybrid via Zoom Meetings for Alumni and Demisioner. At the same time, the Local Board, committees, project officer candidates, and trial participants are present in the Ruang Badan Musyawarah DPRD Provinsi Sumatera Selatan, which has an agenda for the Opening Ceremony, is then followed by the opening by the Director of ALSA Local Chapter of Universitas Sriwijaya then continued with the Plenary Session I which discusses the order of the assembly, announcement and awarding, Giving certificates to the Project Officer who has finished implementing work programs. After that, it entered the II plenary sessions in the form of a report accountability for the half-term Local Board ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya then question and answer session. On the second day, the election of the presidium for the permanent session was resumed at Plenary Session III, which discussed the Anggaran Rumah Tangga and Garis Besar Haluan Kerja of the ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Sriwijaya In the last session an open tender was held for the Project Officer work programs which included in the Musyawarah Lokal ALSA XXIII, ALSA English Camp (E-Camp), ALSA Mooting Class, ALSA International Video Conference (AIVC), ALSA Legal Charity (ALC), US Newsletter Vol. X, and Fervour Magazine Vol. IX.

And here are the names of the selected Project Officers:

  1. Musyawarah Lokal ALSA ke- XXIII: Daniswara Darmayda

  2. ALSA English Camp: Risdan Nur Zaman

  3. ALSA Mooting Class: Fahreyzi Havier Dante Buol

  4. ALSA Legal Training and Workshop: Muhammad Rais Aji Aras Kurniawan

  5. ALSA International Video Conference: Felicia Almaeita Br Kaban

  6. ALSA Legal Charity: Muhammad Daffa Hakim

  7. US Newsletter Vol. X: M.Teuku Ridzwan

  8. Fervour Magazine Vol. IX: Shella Dwi Oktarina



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